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  • JCS-SS1

Name: JCS-SS1

Model: JCS-SS1

Material: Acrylic(USA Aristech)

Seating Capacity: 4 Person

Size: 5680×2150×1400mm

Power: 220~240V/50Hz or 380V/50Hz

Color: sesame blue or sesame White

Views : 631

Spa: Swimming pool:

temperature: 15°C ~ 45°C temperature: 15°C ~ 35°C

Steel frame: 1pcs Steel frame: 1 pcs

Head rest: 2 pcs Head rest: 2 pcs

Air jets(1.5"): 10PCS Making surf jets(5"): 9 PCS

Ratating jets (3.5"): 4 PCS Water jets: 12PCS (3") and 25PCS (2")

Water jets: 4 pcs (3") and 58 pcs(2") Water column: 6 pcs

LED light(small): 6PCS ( Seven colors) LED light(small): 24 pcs seven color light

LED light(5"): 1 PC (seven color light) LED light(5"): 3 PCS(Seven colors)

Drain valve: 1pcs Drain valve(5"): 4 pcs

Suction: 2x5" and 2x3" Drain valve(3"): 2 pcs

Whirlpool pump: 2 pcs x 2HP Suction: 4 pcs

Circulation pump: 1 pcs x 1HP Swim pump 3HP: 3 pcs

Air blower 0.7kW: 1 pcs x 0.7kw Circulation pump 1HP: 1 pcs

Ozonator: 1 pcs Ozonator: 1 pcs

Heater: 1 pcs x 3 KW Heater 3KW: 2 pcs

Cartridge Filter: 1 pcs Double Cartridge Filter: 1 pcs

Control(included FM radio/ preset heater,and display and operation of water temperature/ Circulation cleaning/ Frozen preventing control/ Circumscribe the device of CD): 1  pcs Control( preset heater,display and operation of water temperature/ Circulation cleaning/ Frozen preventing control): 1 pcs

Diverter Valves: 2 x 4" Comfort Diverter Valves Air Control Valves: 4 x Easy-Flo Air Venturi

Air Control Valves: 5 x Easy-Flo Air Venturi Insulation: 1 pcs

Insulation: 1 pcs Heavy duty spa cover: 1 pcs

Loundspeakers: 2 pcs Finland surrounding: 1 pcs

Packing size: 5800×2320×1500mm Finland pine step: 1 pcs

Gross weight: 1900kg 20GP container: 1 set

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